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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Chelsea Shows Its Age

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Location: 144 West 18th Street
Asking: $3,560,000

Wow, this one turned out to be a barn-burner! Our hunt for something that's not brand new in Chelsea brought us to a loft in a building constructed in 1888, and converted to condos in 2002. And a lot of people apparently don't think much of old Chelsea lofts (or current asking prices), because nearly every guess was between $2-$3 million. Some, however, did sniff around the correct price, including this choice comment: "c'mon people it's a condo, in a pretty good chelsea location (ie not too far out), with very nice floor plan. The kitchen is ok, tho a bit generic white (brett easton ellis post american psycho period). I'd guess: 2693*$1300sqft = 3.5M + silly marketing price adjustment = 3.59M." Close, but no cigar.
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