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Another Burg Reveal: 210 N. 12 aka Hot Karl's Friend

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This is 210 N. 12 Street, which will be going up at the corner of N. 12 Street & Driggs, across the street from McCarren Park. It will be an eight-story, 60,000 square foot building with 34 units and come from MDIM Architects. If the firm's name rings a bell, it's because they're also behind 268 Wythe and 50 N. 1 Street. What's interesting about this building, though is that it will be a Not Karl surrounded by a sea of Hot Karls. Its immediate neighbor will be the big Hot Karl that will rise on the site of the infamous Bedford Avenue Toxic Parking Lot. It is also a couple of blocks from Karl Fischer Row and a block from the Warehouse 11 site. Is that ivy growing all over the exterior?
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210 N. 12 St.,Brooklyn,NY