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Cobble Hill Hospital's Final Delivery Will Be Condos

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Long Island College hospital has announced that it's closing its maternity ward in Cobble Hill, which delivered about 2,800 babies last year. This would not normally be of interest, except that the closure entails the sale of two buildings that will likely become big condos. The buildings involved are 97 Amity Street, on the left, and one across the street called the Pholemus Building, on the right. If Amity Street rings a bell, it's because its the location of another closed and sold LICH building, 110 Amity Street, whose condo conversion caused some controversy in the neighborhood. Another closed and sold LICH property at 340 Court Street is being turned into a development by the Clarett Group. As for the fun attached to the latest closure and likely condo plan, one doctor told the Times that it would be weird to put condos in the middle of a hospital complex. "It would be like buying a condo in the hospital,” a doctor told the Times. “Maybe sick people would like to buy these condominiums.” On the other hand, they're only surrounded by hospital buildings if the entire hospital isn't sold off, which some think is a possibility.
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