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CurbedWire: Slope Renovation Pride, Fear of Sinkage in BPC

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PARK SLOPE?Check out this renovated brownstone in the South Slope. As much as we like the work, we like the way it came to our inbox as well--not as a shill or an attempt to sell, but as something more homespun. The email says: "I attaching pics of our house which my architect husband gutted, designed and oversaw construction. I, of course, am the non-media savvy wife who is very proud of him and wants to show off his work. It is in Park Slope on 14th Street." [CurbedWire Inbox]

BATTERY PARK CITY?There is no reason to be alarmed about the construction work near Battery Park City, nonetheless a reader is alarmed, writing, "For the last month or so there has been a construction barge along the south side of the North Cove (next to the volleyball court). I asked one of the workers what they were building. He told me that they were 're-enforcing the pillars beneath and he pointed to underneath the volleyball court.' The barge is gone now. I'm guessing it's the same one that moved up the river and is now stationed just north of the Cove. My concern is that the foundation of Battery Park City is weakening and the buildings are in danger of slipping into the river. Paranoid, maybe- but when you see construction workers in scuba suits, it kind of makes you wonder." [CurbedWire Inbox]