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Welcome to the St. Marks Place of 2008

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A couple of weeks ago, New York ran a highly entertaining feature story about the young punks still drawn to the allure of the East Village's St. Marks Place. In it, young runaway "Suvy" decries the current state of the ol' punk hangout, saying, "Now it’s like fucking BBQ Chicken and fucking Chipotle." Had the story been written a few years earlier (and had he lived here at the time), Suvy would have probably said, "Now it's like the fucking Gap." But the Gap, opened in the former St. Marks Cinema at the corner of Second Avenue in 1988, closed. Suvy is probably happy about that, but it's a good thing he doesn't own a computer, because Vanishing New York points us to the website of what's to come at 133 Second Aveue: the Theatre Condominium. Punk is dead? Tell that to the dapper gent composing his latest sonic call-to-arms on a laptop resting on some sort of step ladder. Folks, it does not get much more DIY than that! The other images also tell an interesting story of the current state of St. Marks. And Gothamist points out that the building already has its very own wine bar?though, one without wine. Anarchy! According to the developer's website, only two units remain.
· The Theatre Condominium [ via VNY]