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Rendering vs. Reality: Montague Street Pedestrian Dud

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We often do "rendering vs. reality" to compare the vision of a building with its actuality, but today we have something a bit different: the image of Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights as a Sunday pedestrian zone versus the less uplifting reality of an empty street. The blogger over at Brooklyn Heights Blog who tosses the bucket full of cold water in the form of the reality photo notes that it was taken at 3PM when light rain was falling, to which one might say: there wasn't that much rain. Also, what happened to the cafe tables and fake lawn that were promised? Summer Space is a multi-week experiment and it was July 4 weekend, so perhaps next weekend's installment won't land with such a painful and hollow thud. On the bright side: a similar Williamsburg Walks experiment planned for Bedford Avenue in the Burg should find that the threshold for success has been set very low.
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