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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: PriceUpper on Supreme's Sherry

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1) Currently listed as "temporarily off market," Diana Ross's full-floor Sherry-Netherland apartment will reportedly be relisted for $11 million, up from the old $9 million asking price. Braden Keil reports that the park-fronting seven-room co-op will get a sprucing-up in the meantime. Interior shminterior, check out that view! Yum. [Gimme Shelter]

2) To us, the 45 Fifth Avenue penthouse owned by designer Betsey Johnson will always be legendary. Not legendary enough, however, to sell for $3.6 million. But after a couple of price cuts (latest asking price: $2,495,000) and some lengthy time on the market, the two-bedroom apartment has finally sold. [NYM]

3) Just asking: Does divorce mean the end of Alex Rodriguez's epic "trophy property" hunt? And might his massive Trump Park Avenue spread be hitting the market anytime soon? The rumor mill swirls!