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Murray Hill Noise War Not What You'd Expect

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When we read the Urbanite headline "The noise that's driving Murray Hill nutty," our gut reaction was, oh boy, here we go again with another neighborhood rebelling against the noises of nightlife. But surprisingly, it's not the Tonic rooftop that's driving Murray Hillers bonkers, but rather, an air conditioner. According to Urbanite, over the past month, the northern fringes of the neighborhood have been reeling from "a particularly annoying sound" that "has turned some sleep-deprived apartment dwellers into mad-as-hell community activists." One resident called it a "high, squealing noise, like a machine that’s not oiled," and the culprit is supposedly (or definitely, if you believe the person who tweaked the flyer at right) the central air unit on top of the brownstone at 124 East 36th Street. As you can see, the neighbors are on the offensive about this DISTURBANCE OF THE PEACE. The Department of Environmental Protection is on the case, and soon enough all will be peace and quiet once again in Murray Hill. Or else.
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