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Coney Island Update: Roller Skating & School Bus Parking

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There are developments to report in the Battle for Coney Island and we think it's safe to say that Taconic Investment, which owns a lot of property west of KeySpan Park, has won a round over Thor Equities, which owns a ton of property in the amusement district:

1) Remember that roller rink thing at the historic Childs Restaurant Building back in the spring? Well, the building is being brought back to life as the Dreamland Roller Rink starting next weekend and running through October. The building is owned by Taconic Investment, whose very significant development plans have flown almost entirely below the controversy radar. [Kinetic Carnival]

2) Thor Equities, which proclaimed this to be the "Summer of Hope" and briefly filled the big property it had cleared in 2006 with rides is now using part of it bus parking. Another big square block owned by the developer is also a huge school bus parking lot, which often draws curious looks from first-time Coney visitors. [Coney Island Message Board]