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That's Rather Hideous: This Galaxy is "Ladies' Choice"

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Can it be that it has really been over three months since we last spotlighted a "That's Rather Hideous" inductee? Friends, it's true. Maybe our tolerance has gone way up since seeing this thing. But TRH storms back onto the pages of Curbed with this $1,700 2BR rental in Park Slope. The pictures really don't do this place justice, because check out some selections from the description: "17ft x 40ft, all black galaxy granite floors; Black Galaxy Granite wall to wall and floors with beautiful wood mouldings. Kitchen and wet bar, black galaxy granite countertop." That's one big, black galaxy! Also, per the Craigslist listing, this one is "Ladies Choice." Writes the Curbed tipster who nominated this basement pad, "Holy crap get a load of this apartment. I don't even know what to say about this spectacular revulsion. I am horrified beyond the capacity for speech. Just look at the photos. And don't forget this craphole is 'ladies choice.'" So, ladies, are you chomping at the bit, or what?
· Listing: $1700 / 2br - Park Slope Apartment for Rent 17 x 40 sqft. [CL]