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25 Bond Goes Completely Bare

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It's always a fun little event when new developments that espouse luxurious living take on retail tenants that aren't necessarily the most upscale of brands. Like Philippe Starck sharing space with Ronald McDonald, or to a lesser extent, 15 Central Park West housing a bank and a Best Buy. The latest pairing of highest-brow residential with lowish-brow retail comes from the luxury corridor of Bond Street, where 25 Bond?a building that was once accepting "discreet inquiries" only and minting its own money in a bid for supreme exclusivity?is getting a Brazilian bikini wax specialist named Completely Bare. The "opening soon" signage is in place, as you can see above, and we think you'll agree that it complements the building's custom-cut sidewalk etchings by sculptor Ken Hiratsuka very nicely. Are the sweaty dudes camped out in front of the spa-to-be also some sort of art installation?
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