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Forget the B61, Red Hook Now Has 'Free Car Service'

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People were concerned about a lot of things about the impact of Ikea on Red Hook, but one of the bonuses is that residents are using the free Ikea shuttle buses and even the Water Taxi to Lower Manhattan to do a commuting end run around the subway and city buses. One resident compares the free Ikea shuttle buses, which can get someone home to Red Hook from Smith & 9th Street or Borough Hall in a lot more style than the B61 to "a free car service." (The take in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, though, has been less enthusiastic.) One rider tells the Daily News: "It's got AC; it doesn't get overcrowded. You have your own space. It's strange, but people are more behaved on this bus. It's just more relaxing." The paper counted on one bus and found only 8 of 19 passengers actually going to the store, and two of them were employees. An Ikea spokesperson says the company supports "mass transit" and it's "thrilled that we are providing free transit options for the people of New York to come to Ikea and to come to Red Hook."
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