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Curbed PriceSpotter: UES Townhouse With Room to Grow

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What/Where: Four-floor townhouse on 80th Street btwn Park/Lexington
Square Feet: Not listed
Taxes: $28,822
The Skinny: We had so much fun with last week's Upper East Side townhouse PriceSpotter that we decided to head down that road again. And since nobody nailed the asking price last time, maybe this brick-and-limestone beauty will be easier to pin down. Currently configured as a 3BR affair, this renovated house (Viking range! Central air!) has room to grow?literally. According to the listing, zoning allows the addition of "significant square footage." Good luck in getting that approved. Even in its current state, however, this Georgian is sizzlin'. That private back patio would be great for hosting our weekly cee-lo game, away from the prying eyes of The Man. So, how much?
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