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Show Us Your Sales Office: 350 West Broadway

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The city's developers are on an all-out blitz to lure well-heeled buyers to their projects, and the first front in this high-stakes war is the sales office—the base of operations for the building's sales and marketing. Nowadays, sales offices are just as luxurious as the condo units they're meant to sell. Show Us Your Sales Office is your guided tour of the most over-the-top of the bunch. Got a sales office you want to show off? Drop us a line at and tell us why!

[Photos: Will Femia]

In terms of anticipated success, developer Aby Rosen's 350 West Broadway is a no-brainer. The location of the former Development Du Jour is perfect, not only for its Soho address, but also because it replaces an eyesore that sat vacant for years. The building's units are gigantic and fabulously expensive (cheapest ask: $9.575 million!) at a time when gigantic and fabulously expensive apartments are in unprecedented demand. The architecture (glass box, 'natch) and interiors (stylish luxury from William T. Georgis, in his first multi-family residential building) are of-the-moment, and there are only eight units in the whole damn building. So why build such an incredibly lavish sales office to market the thing? "Some people don't have enough imagination," the building's sales director, Stribling's Mary Ellen Cashman, told us. "We have a hole in the ground starting at $9.575 million, and we have to show them something."

In case you didn't know, affable Aby Rosen loves a good show. And he's certainly putting one on here. You'll recall that he stuck one of his Warhols in the sales office at One Jackson Square, and he's pretty much using the 350 West Broadway sales office (located across the street from the construction site at 345 West Broadway) as his own personal gallery. Warhol, Basquiat, Richard Dupont, Peter Zimmerman and others make appearances, as does the artwork from George Condo and Peter Lane that will be permanently installed in the development's lobby. And that's just the beginning for this unique space, where books on Michelangelo and Leonardo sit next to Vice photo collections, a chair is covered in fabric priced at $2,500 per yard, and condoms are always available. Say what? Oh yes. Yes indeed. Enjoy the show.
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350 West Broadway (Real Estate For Sale)

350 West Broadway, New York, New York 10013