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Brooklyn's Day of the Strutting Rooster & Vengeful Chicken

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If yesterday, was the Day of the Raccoon in Brooklyn, today is the Day of the Chicken. First, we have a report on Brooklynian of roosters strutting the streets of Sunset Park screeching cock a doodle doo to passersby. More to the point, however, are amusing comments from restauranteurs Jim Mamary and Alan Harding in today's Times expressing some bitterness about an epic battle they fought with neighbors on Hoyt Street in Carroll Gardens and their desire to exact revenge via chicken. At one point during the Battle of Hoyt Street, Mr. Mamary was called an "opportunistic idiot" and a "slob" who "ruined" the neighborhood. (He, in turn, suggested at a community meeting that a sneaker shop might open in the storefront if he didn't.) Mr. Harding's revenge? Suggesting they'll keep chickens in the backyard: "We'll give eggs to orphans. We’ll have a petting zoo." Coming tomorrow, turkeys strutting around Park Slope.
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