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Top Chef Contestants Going to Karl Fischer Row's 20 Bayard?

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Karl Fischer Row has won the Top Chef House competition. Eater is reporting the tantalizing, yet not entirely confirmed rumor that the cheftestants will be getting the Hot Karl Treatment at our old friend 20 Bayard, which has long be an object of great interest. Reps at the building tell Eater that it's "preliminary to give a statement" and that they "can't speak to it right now," but that they will release a statement soon. Which means it sounds like a done deal. So, it looks like Hot Karl has scored a really cool prize after the Real World snub. Given that Real World is said to have boosted sales of units at BellTel, will it help sell Karl Fischer Row? (And speaking of which, will there be a Real World-like agreement that 20 Bayard get a shout out in each episode?) Prepare to make way for the faux hawked chefs in the produce section at Tops.
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20 Bayard

20 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY