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The End Draws Near for Hipster-Filled McCarren Pool

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[Photo courtesy of bayonguyen/flickr]

Another 29 days. That's how long it will be before Sonic Youth plays the last concert at McCarren Pool and its life as a Pool Party and concert venue ends. With the $50 million redo of the pool that will return it to use for swimming for the first time in more than 20 years likely to start in Spring, today's Times weighs in with a long piece about "great summer romance" between hipsters and rock-and-roll at the pool and its "brief and brilliant life" as a setting for music, dodge ball and the slip and slide. For instance:

Nowhere else does a quadruple-Olympic-size swimming pool fill with music usually heard in dark nightclubs where hula hoopers fear to tread. Nowhere else do water-sport squeals serve as auxiliary percussion. And for better or worse, no other stage has so definitively established itself as the preferred strolling grounds for the latest and most bizarre hipster plumage.All against the background of the condos of Karl Fischer Row on one side and of the Tahoe Triangle on the other. One resident tells the Times, many people won't shed any tears when the backhoes show up to start on the new pool: "The basic need of that pool is as a pool and recreation center for all the peoples of North Brooklyn, which includes a lot of black people and a lot of Latino people...It's basic needs are not for the fashionistas of Williamsburg."
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