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It Happened One Weekend: City's Worst Dog Run ID'd

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1) What happens when two—or, goodness, more than two—apartments are for sale in the same building at the same time, such as the duo at right on East 88th Street? Proclaims one broker, darkly, "It's like when you walk into a party wearing the same dress as someone else, you get uncomfortable." Mmmhmm. But everything can be okay if the sellers learn to stop hectoring each other and team up; "[it] might also cut down on slander and other forms of internecine warfare that can occur when competition lies too close to home." ['Neighborly Competition'/NYTimes]

2) Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer calmly announces that 800 Manhattan buildings are fire risks. [NYDailyNews]

3) A photographer's Manhattanville photos may be the last
reminder of the soon to be Renzo Piano-fied Columbia expansion. Come, take a journey back to the age of 2002 and the timeless Harlem Bait and Tackle Shop. [NYTimes]

4) In re: the Brooklyn neighborhood Gravesend: "Sephardic Jews would rather pay a million dollars for a 2,000-square-foot lot in Gravesend than pay $500,000 for a 4,000-square-foot lot elsewhere." Zany! ['Living In'/Jake Mooney]

5) The worst dog run in the city is in Woodside. [NYTimes]

6) "I went in, and I went with it." Holy crap, this guy fell through a sidewalk subway grate! And he's fine! And with that, we're ready to start our week. [NYDN]