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Is Ave. D's Moment (for Massive Development) Finally Here?

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The Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side is not only papering the neighborhoods with flyers; they've also launched a new website to campaign against the proposed LES rezoning. Among a bunch of colorful maps and graphs about the effects of the proposed rezoning, there's the above jaw-dropping rendering of a proposed development called Site 167. It sounds like a secret government project but is in fact a ginormous Avalon-type condo box proposed for the corner of Avenue D and East 2nd Street. According to the city's rezone document, the building would offer 116 units, 23 of which would be pegged for affordable housing.

Wait—a hundred-unit plus development on Avenue D? Has the future finally arrived for Alphabet City's last frontier? Either way, we'll be keeping close watch on this corner. Jeremiah Moss

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