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Miracle Grill Garden Going Condo in East Village

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The garden of the former Miracle Grill (and, yes, the short-lived Imagine Bar & Grill) on East 7th Street just east of First Avenue has been abandoned and chopped up for some time. The digging machines are back at it, now that it's been given an address—92 East 7th—and a permit for long-rumored construction. So what's going in to this skinny space?

According to the paperwork at the DOB, it's going to be a six-story, eight-unit residential building by Andrew Fredman, the architect who was going to do the Stationhouse Apartments in Brooklyn Heights before the plan to turn the 84th precinct into condos was defeated earlier this year. Six stories is one or two more stories than all the buildings surrounding it, so this condo will end up being the tallest thing in the area, by a nose. Guess that means it's the big winner. Jeremiah Moss
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