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CurbedWire: 100N3rd Sells Out, McSam Wants Noho Pass

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Got some gossip or innuendo for us? Let CurbedWire know:

WILLIAMSBURG—Well, wouldya look at that. Development 100N3rd—the blue and grey building oft compared to Ikea in aesthetic terms—has, per a banner hanging off its side, sold out. Adds our tipster, "By the way, the banner either flew away or got taken down on Friday in the big wind." [CurbedWire Inbox]

NOHO—A special Curbed operative files: "I just got back from the City Council Landmarks committee meeting about NoHo III designation. [Developer Sam Chang's] McSam [Hotel Group] wants the White House excluded from the designation because of 'hardship.' They say the building isn't worth the mortgage at this point and the only way they can make any money is to build outside Landmark Preservation guidelines. They had a few techies there that said the facade would be too expensive to repair, and they had no idea landmarking was pending when they bought the place. Then they said if they could turn a profit on the building, they would take care of the 23 of the remaining full time tenants. Four of the residents spoke and said they didn't want the building landmarked so they could get the money promised and move away from the hellhole they are living in. I think McSam should be forced to work within guidelines and be forced to give those 23 guys deluxe rooms in their new hotel at the same rate they are paying now. Geez....who are they trying to kid?" [CurbedWire Inbox]