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CurbedWire: Falling Glass at Bank of America Tower

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Screen grab courtesy of WABC, 11:22 AM

MIDTOWN WEST—From a tipster: "Our office just got this email alert. I'm still inside but will venture out to see what happens... 'Please note that 42nd Street is closed off between Broadway and Sixth Avenue. This is due to some glass panes falling from the Bank of America building onto the Verizon scaffolding.'"
UPDATE 11:11AM: Per ABC7, "A large paine of glass fell from a high rise building under construction in Midtown Manhattan. The glass fell from the Bank of America building at 1 Bryant Park, according to police. It fell across the street onto scaffolding surrounding the Verizon building. No injuries were immediately reported."

UPDATE 11:20AM: 1010 WINS is now on the story, reports two minor injuries. And, on the ground, from blogger That's What She Said: "Firetrucks, ambulances, it’s a mess. I can’t tell if anyone got hurt, but I don’t think so. It just happened, so if you’re in the area, you should go look. 42nd between 6th and Broadway is covered in glass."

FALLING DEBRIS BONUS: In his column today, Steve Cuozzo has worked stopped at 510 Madison Avenue, a Macklowe Properties development, where last week an unidentified object fell from the site and sent a worker to the hospital.
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