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WTC Chaos Update: Site Plans Secured—Very Secured!

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We've seen plenty of pretty renderings for the future of the World Trade Center site, but until this morning, we hadn't heard the Police Department's particular vision for the place. Let's cut to A1 of the Times:

According to a 36-page presentation given by top-ranking police officials in recent months, the entire area would be placed within a security zone, in which only specially screened taxis, limousines and cars would be allowed through “sally ports,” or barriers staffed by police officers, constructed at each of five entry points. Roughly a dozen guard booths would be established at street corners where pedestrians or vehicles are most likely to enter the area, while the western lanes of Church Street would be reserved for emergency vehicles.The plans, as currently conceived, do not include pedestrian searches, but, well, so much for that dream of the reunited street grid, eh?
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