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Co-Op Village Playground Wars: Mommies vs. Fans of Peace and Quiet

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Above: The new and possibly improved playground in the courtyard of the Hillman buildings at Co-Op Village; Below right: The pre-playground courtyard

The residents of Co-Op Village, no strangers to message board scuffles, are at again with a three-pack of battles over whether there should be jungle gyms in their shared outdoor space and, if so, who gets to climb on them, and when. A Curbed tipster files this report from the front:

1) A new playground was built in the formerly serene courtyard of the Hillman buildings which started a war among the pro playground mommies and the fans of a peaceful courtyard. The plans for this courtyard change were only discussed at the annual board meeting so many didn't hear about it until it was about to be installed. 2) This also lead to another major war because Seward Park no longer wants their playground open to the other coops that make up Coop Village (East River, Hillman and Almagamated). It includes the story of moms being kicked out and having to leave with their crying little ones.

3) Now the discussion/fight is over noise complaints in the new Hillman Courtyard playground.

Among this week's alleged noise offenders: an illustrious group of teenagers "breaking wooden boards over the equipment and probably each others heads." Imagine, somebody wants to take away that joy.
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