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Hot Decks: 130 Watts Street

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Things we can't get enough of in these dog days of summer include deck porn. Which brings us to 130 Watts Street, site of this rooftop beauty. She boasts, among other amenities, an outdoor kitchen, apple trees, grass lawn with sprinkler system, six-person hot tub, removable 16' movie screen, a heated shower and unobstructed western views. From the design firm that's to blame, here's how they turned an average New York tar-covered rooftop into pure hotness:

The project was a substantial structural reinforcement and waterproofing endeavor to enable the rooftop design and garden. We reversed forty years of neglect across the two adjacent buildings at Watts and Greenwich in Tribeca. Part of the project's challenge was the phasing, which successfully enabled the clients to continuously live underneath the 10 months of construction work, which spanned through the winter -- when tenting and space heaters were required to continue our pace.

The upper roof consists of a detailed stone bulkhead with bronze cladding, a pre-cast concrete dining area and outdoor kitchen, a surface skimming water sculpture, custom iron railings, a removable 16' wide outdoor movie screen (tensioned with mountain climbing rope and pulleys), a heated exterior shower and a mix of birch and evergreen trees, annuals and perennials.

The "backyard motif" of the "lower roof" is home to a real grass lawn with pop-up sprinkler heads, a six-person hot tub lined in glass mosaic tiles and an expansive skylight over the main stairs below. Also on the lower roof are two fruit bearing apple trees, bushes of grapes, a vegetable and herb garden and several flowering trees. The strawberries are particularly yummy.

Both roofs are blanketed with Wi-Fi repeaters and remote controlled audio via twelve speakers, which tie into the satellite radio and MP3 system shared by the duplex apartment below.

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