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Eater Tastings: San Gennaro's Decibel Count, Mo' Ko, More!

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This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

[Eater Inside the just-opened Apiary, at East 3rd and 11th, 'a pretty little spot with a pedigreed chef,' photo by Krieger]

1) Nolita: Regarding the annual shitshow that is the San Gennaro Festival festival comes this fresh absurdity: "They requested that someone be present with a decibel meter at all times during the festival." Yup, total no-brainer.

2) East Village: Word on the street is that chef Dave Chang's vexing Momofuku Ko will be adding lunch service soon. A commenter hears the number of courses might be in the teens. Commence starvation diet now.

3) Acknowledging that Curbed has been more East Village-heavy this week than usual, we'd be remiss not to direct you to this inter-active map of Egg Cream purveyors across the neighborhood. Mmmm.

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