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Real World Red Hook BLOCKBUSTER: Cast Spotted in Wild!

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We've been waiting for the moment the cast of MTV's forthcoming The Real World: Brooklyn actually surfaced in the wild, and on this sweltery Friday, our dreams have come true. Per NewYorkology, which snapped the amazing photos above, this live report: "The rumor has been that MTV has been the one responsible for the recent action at the end of Red Hook's Pier 41. And if that rumor’s true, than it’s very likely the film crew that just emerged from Pier 41 may be the new “Real World” cast. As they left Pier 41, they were heading toward Sunny’s, but instead made the turn, map, toward Van Brunt, with the Ikea straight ahead down Beard Street." So we've got The Real World cast heading in the direction of Ikea? Our work here is done.
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