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Ask Curbed: Where Am I?

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"I recently moved from one ambiguous 'hood (Howard Ave and Bainbridge Street, which I thought was Bed-Stuy, but is apparently considered "Ocean Hill"...who knew?!), to another: Classon Ave and Sterling Place. The landlord said it was in Prospect Heights in an effort to woo us there, but the general consensus says Prospect Heights' Eastern boarder is Washington Ave. So I figured, alright, I live in Crown Heights. But then I was perusing the 'Crown Heights' archives and found this. The article claims that North Crown Heights is actually bordered on the West by Franklin Ave, one block East of me. It seems as though Classon Ave is no-man's land. If Prospect Heights ends at Washington, but Crown Heights doesn't start until Franklin, where the heck do I live? I propose "Shuttleville", as the Franklin Ave. shuttle cuts right through." [Ask Curbed Inbox]