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Hot Karl is SkyHigh as Finger of Humboldt Goes Rental

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The Hot Karl Finger of Humboldt, which is the kissing cousin of the Robert Scarano Finger of Richardson Street (aka the Luminous), is on the market as a rental. (We've called this the Luminous Condo Corner.) A tipster pointed out that it recently sprouted a banner with a phone number. That, in turn, led to Dreamspace Realty and the building's name: SkyHigh. ("Taking the Williamsburg loft to new heights!") The building is currently all over Craiglist as "Live in the Sky!" and is being pitched as being near McCarren Park (if one really stretches the definition) and being near the Bedford Ave. L Station (only believable if one consumes a substance that makes one, uh, which case, oh yeah, man, it's really close). In any case, the cost of living in the sky is about $3,300 for a 2BR give or take, mostly give. The building is being marketed as "a 12 story tower that blends modern architecture with retro design to form a building as unique as the neighborhood and people who live in it." Like the dude living across the street who pointed at it and screamed that he hoped it would fall down?
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