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Flatbush Pretends It's the Hamptons for Gossip Girl

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[Photo courtesy of Flatbush Vegan]

Victorian Flatbush has gotten its Gossip Girl moment, serving itself up for a shoot per a post from the new blog Flatbush Vegan. But, wait, what's this? The neighborhood was standing in for the Hamptons? Anyway, Serena and Blair get into a shouting and shoving match on the front porch of the house on Albemarle Road which is actually supposed to be in East or West Hampton or wherever: of the teenage fans who had spent the whole day around the set explained that this house was meant to be in the Hamptons, where much of season 2 supposedly takes place...Serena and Blair are at a party for students interested in Yale. As the girls fought on the porch, their shouts of "You shut up!" "No, you shut up!" rang out through the rainy night, causing one dog walker to comment sarcastically, "Great dialogue."Also, there was spanking.

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