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New Blogs Alert! Bronx, FSBOs Get Their Due

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A pair of newish blogs have come across the Curbed radar recently, and both are offering a fairly unique product. And now we will share them with you! Weeeeeeee:

1) BoogieDowner: According to the dude profiled by Joyce Cohen in last week's Hunt column in the Times, Bronx gentrification is imminent. Well, leave it to a pair of former Hunt subjects to push it ahead a little. Gotta love BoogieDowner's tagline: "Yes, the Bronx IS burning... Burning hot with cultural events, amazing architecture, tight knit residential communities, and acres and acres of wide open green space." [BoogieDowner]

2) No Brokers Please!: Think the slowdown spells the end for for-sale-by-owner properties? Not if this blogger is successful. The description: "A veteran in selling real estate, specializing in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island will teach you all the underlying aspects on how to sell your own home like a professional, while coaching you throughout the whole process so you won't have to pay a 6% broker fee commission." A broker teaching how to avoid brokers? Strange times, indeed. [No Brokers Please!]