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Old School Hipsters vs. New Hipsters in the Burg

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On the surface, Williamsburg blogger Bad Advice has let loose with a rant about Royal Oak, a bar on Union Avenue, which she calls "a douche-magnet—attracting morons from near and far. Almost every night the sidewalk out front is clogged with coked-up jackasses braying at the moon." Actually, though, it is a long and compelling rant about Old School Hipsters vs. New Hipsters in the Burg. We go to the copy and paste for a short sample:

It used to be that the people who moved to Williamsburg—and the East Village before that—were the types who were shunned in high school...Sure, they got on my nerves with their art projects and insistence on calling their apartments their "space" (eg, "you have to come see what I did with my space."). Pretentious, no doubt, but these days, when I sit next to an earnest couple discussing their shared passion for Derrida and Galouis ciggies, I feel not derision, but nostalgia. The latter-day hipster may look like the old-school hipster, but scratch the surface of their kicks and you'll discover the difference...These new kids don't read books so much as collect them as conversation pieces. The women tend to work in PR and the dudes work in tech. They all have perfect teeth to go with their skinny jeans and have the arrogance and sense of entitlement that comes from knowing that no matter how badly they fuck up, they will never go hungry because mommy and daddy have them covered. They don't live in "spaces," they live in over-priced, parentally subsidized, condos with a park vu.There is so much more to this rant about drunks woo-wooing into the Williamsburg night, so do give it a read.
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