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On the Racked: U.S. Open Time, Nike Swooshes into Soho, a Vertical Lawn on the UES, More

And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Of course, it's U.S. Open time. We know this because a U.S. Open-themed pop-up store is opening on Prince Street by Friday. Look for sell t-shirts, games and a line of vintage clothing.

2) Soho: We also know that it's Olympics time because Nike is swooshing onto Mercer Street. Well, the store was supposed to open on August 8 to take advantage of Olympic opening day buzz, but it'll be opening on Thursday (8/22) instead. Hey, the games are still going on.

3) UES: Yes, that's a vertical lawn on E. 86th Street. Seriously.

4) Greenpoint: Looks like Fred Flare is opening a shop at Meserole Avenue and Leonard Street in Greenpoint. Per Racked, "It's accessories/clothing/doodad brand Fred Flare's first-ever 'door store.'" The warehouse is already in the nabe.