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NYU's Neighbors Can't Pass Go, Can Collect Free Parking

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If you live in the shaded square seen at right, consider yourself, uh, lucky! That's ground zero for NYU's move-in day, with each little red dot representing a residence hall. This year, move-in day is August 24th, and the streets will once again be turned into a glorified parking lot of loaded-up SUV's. But this is a kindler, gentler NYU?one that truly cares about its non-tuition-paying neighbors?so the school is offering residents one free day of parking to make up for the mess. Here's the gist:

We are sensitive to the effect this has on parking and traffic in the neighborhood, and for your convenience, NYU would like to offer parking reimbursement to local residents in the area designated by the darkly-shaded section of the map below - from 14th Street down to Houston Street between 6th Avenue and 2nd Avenue - to help alleviate potential difficulties. If you put your car in a garage Saturday night or Sunday, we will pay for the cost of a stay of up to 24 hours. Please bring your original parking receipt and proof of residency to the fifth floor of 25 W. 4th Street between 9AM and 5PM for reimbursement.Writes a Curbed reader, "Hell returns to Greenwich Village. For causing all the uproar with NYU, neighbors get one day per year of free parking as tribute."
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