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Will Burg Be a 'Bedroom Community' Without Hipster Shows?

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[Photo courtesy of baonguyen/flickr]

Oh, Williamsburg. With the end drawing near for the Golden Age of Concerts at McCarren Pool because it's set to be returned to service as a pool, will the Burg become a barren and culture-free place? Well, local Community Board member and City Council candidate Evan Thies who's working to secure some waterfront space for shows next year says that (sit down before continuing): "People will be disappointed when they wake up one day and find that Williamsburg has become a bedroom community instead of a vibrant cultural center." Noooooooo. In the meantime, there are various machinations to try and get shows going in East River State Park, which is not known as a loose place, and to secure space in a Bushwick Inlet Park. There's an online petition asking the Parks Department for space that so far has only gotten 233 signatures. There are eyes on space that could be ready next year or, well, there's the rest of the park that might be done sometime around 2045, give or take. Please God, don't take Williamsburg. You already have Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill.
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