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On the Market: Build Your Own 15 CPW Combo Meal!

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Apartment #9G in the "Tower" building at 15 Central Park West?billed as "The only 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath currently on the market" in architect Robert A.M. Stern's Limestone Jesus?is for sale for $13 million, after selling for just $6,650,000 in June. Next door, the smaller #9M is also for sale, for $8.5 million after closing for $4.27 million. The apartments were scooped up by different buyers, but everyone knows there is strength in numbers, so a trio of Corcoran's finest are offering both apartments for $21.5 million, not including the costs of combining the two into one 4,100-square-foot megaspread with 3,400sqft of outdoor space. And while spending $21,500,000+ for real estate that was had for just over $10 million a couple months ago sounds a little ridiculous, this is 15 CPW, where the rules that govern reality and common sense have no sway whatsoever. The assorted floorplans are available for your perusal above. As the listing says, this is a "Rare Opportunity to combine two adjacent apartments at 15 Central Park West into a PRIVATE FLOOR," so the real fun will begin once these apartments wind up in a bidding war.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023