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AvalonBay Puts Together a Mega-Site in West Chelsea

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That busy development gang over at AvalonBay has cobbled together a huge site for a residential project over on the far west side. It's around the corner from Steven Holl's Towering S going up for Extell at Tenth and West 30th, where the High Line arcs west and it's aptly called Avalon West Chelsea. How big is it? It takes up the full 197' blockfront of Eleventh Avenue and then runs a whopping 575' along the north side of West 28th Street. The project is governed by a 100 year / $173,000,000 lease and was made possible by finessing some zoning regulations, including the transfer of development rights and air rights from neighbors along the High Line. This will sit directly north of the new FIT dorm -- uhhh, the +Art rental / condo project going up at 540 W. 28th. If everybody plays nice this could possibly provide a big architectural opportunity for neighbor FLank, recently ensconced in their new digs a block over at 520 West 27th Street. No clue yet what this one will look like, but given Avalon's previous adventures with their East Village food court, that big new building uptown, something over in Brooklyn and its Long Island City building, it might be smart to bet on bricks. Also, given the lawsuit that was just filed against Avalon, everything about it could be very accessible.
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