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Construction Watch: 11 Times Square Gets Some Glass

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It seems like yesterday that we reported steel had started to rise on SJP Properties' 40-story 11 Times Square. Now, a mere four months later, this midtown cornerpiece is getting some glass. Not much, but a band of grey-ish glass has appeared on the big curve that swoops south around the corner of 42nd and Eighth and which is dramatically drawn on the 11 TS website. The facade is just one part of the plan to achieve LEED Gold Certification: " ...exterior sunshades or silk screened fritted glass will be utilized to reduce interior glare and improve thermal comfort." Construction is two months ahead of schedule. The concrete core continues to rise and the tower, which will ultimately contain 7,000 tons of structural steel, is scheduled to top out by the end of 2008. The turn-over date is now set for a refreshingly optimistic "late 2009."
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