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Week in Review: Stocked Mini-Bars at Thompson LES, 15 CPW's Pool, High Line Soils Itself, More

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As this Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) LES: The Thompson LES finally opened and the amenity rundown was spotty. The pool was very unfinished, but the mini-bars were (thank God) "fully stocked."

2) UWS: Is it just us or does the courtyard and decorative pool at 15 CPW look like theme mall in Las Vegas?

3) MePa: The High Line finally soiled itself quite impressively.

4) Williamsburg: There are many new renderings of buildings going up in the Burg like 210 N. 12 St. and two friend of 80 Metropolitan, 268 Wythe and 50 N. 1.

5) Chelsea: We ran down the status of a dozen different developments and mapped them out. Quite the collection.

6) Union Square: Don't hold your breath for the escalator to be fixed soon. You might turn blue. Nice wooden structure, though.