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Gottlieb Building Auctioned To...Gottliebs

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The hyped auction of the mostly-vacant five-story apartment building at 79 Horatio Street, forced due to a legal spat between its co-owners (the estate of late West Side property baron Bill Gottlieb and a separate family) has ended somewhat undramatically: Gottlieb's estate bought it. A tipster reports, "79 Horatio Just sold for $7.4mm to Neil Bender (Gottlieb's executor). Last million dollars or so of bidding was between Bender and the other owner." Adds another: "Great deal as they will only need to pay $3.7 in cash. Must be nice to be a bidder that owns half the property." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

79 Horatio Street

79 Horatio Street, New York, NY 10014