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Another Admiral's Row Alternative Revealed

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There's another alternative vision of the Admiral's Row, the historic buildings at the Brooklyn Navy Yard that the city wants to tear down for a supermarket and parking. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. has said the buildings have to go. There have been a variety of alternative proposals that would preserve the buildings and allow the parking lot. Today's version comes from the Municipal Art Society, which apparently presented the U.S. Army National Guard Bureau with six alternative plans:

each demonstrating that it is possible to retain the historic buildings on the Admiral’s Row site while also allowing for the construction of a much-needed supermarket and new retail and industrial space. In addition, the MAS plans showed that reconfiguring the planned new buildings could allow for additional green space, pedestrian accommodation and community uses instead of a suburban-style sea of parking.The city wants to build a 65,000-square-foot grocery store with parking for at least 300 cars and other retail space on the site.

The National Guard is holding hearings to determine whether the Admirals Row houses should be preserved. The MAS says that in its alternative "the historic houses along Flushing Street are retained and are used on their ground floor as retail to encourage pedestrians to walk between the houses into a central green space." Demolition was on a fast track before the obscure Federal agency stepped in to take a careful look at the possibility and cost of preservation of the 150-year-old buildings.
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