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More Love for Scarano Building on Burg's Humboldt Street

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It's been a while since we've gotten a rant about and some photos of conditions at a Robert Scarano building going up on Humboldt Street a block from the SkyHigh Hot Karl rental building and Mr. Scarano's own dark king Luminous. Today, we can report that we have more. The subject line on the email was, "That Piece Of Shit The Humboldt Is About To Fall The Fuck Over," which is always an attention grabber in a crowded inbox. Our tipster goes on to say:

These are the supports under the front of the scaffolding...Look at the base of the pole right to the left of the guy wide shot -- and look at the closeup of the wood underneath. Yeah, real fucking nice. But who cares, right? I mean, according to Mayor "Let Them Eat Cake Or Die In a Crane Wreck" Antoinette "construction is a dangerous business." And the styrofoam is still fucking everywhere.Fans of the work of Brooklyn's best-known architect (other than Hot Karl) will recall that this building was labeled "the ugliest Scarano building ever" in another rant earlier this year. Rant on.
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