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Bed-Stuy Flunks Gentrification Taxi Test

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"I had a surreal experience this weekend. A yellow cab driver faked car trouble to avoid driving me and a friend from Park Avenue South in NYC to Brooklyn (Bed Stuy) at 11:30 at night. Now, I've had drivers outright refuse to drive me over the bridge, or begrudgingly drive me, shouting for me to give them directions nearly turn for turn, but this was a new one. What made this unique was that once we'd been ejected from the cab, the driver more or less peeled away from the curb, having made no calls for assistance (certainly none to AAA). I'm a lifelong Brooklynite (plus a great tipper), and would love to know what makes cabbies lower themselves so. It's truly disheartening. I've already contacted the TLC with this cab driver's information; hopefully there will be a hearing. But really, what gives? Surely Brooklyn has been demystified for drivers by now. I'm seriously baffled..." [CurbedWire Inbox]