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Real World Takes Its Workout on the Road to Flatbush Ave.

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It appears the Real World cast has made its way over to to the Crunch Gym on Flatbush Avenue,which the chain claims as Park Slope, but many consider to be Prospect Heights. This comes about via a discussion thread on Brooklynian. The original report notes:

So, I'm walking on Flatbush this evening, leaving Natural Land. As I pass the Crunch I notice a camera crew inside. Hmmm, I think. A commercial? But then I looked closer. Some Crunch staff were standing behind the camera, looking kinda, well, googly eyed, while a staffer handed two women a piece of paper. An application form, perhaps? Next thing I know the camera crew comes bounding out of the door after these two hipster looking women, who strut their way over to Sterling Place (while seeming to have a normal he-said-she-said conversation), and get into a car...I think that some of the Real World cast might be thinking about joining that Crunch--my gym.Subsequent questioning of gym staff apparently revealed that it was, in fact, a Real World crew and cast members, so we're guessing the outdoor workouts at Pier 41 aren't doing it.
What's funny, though, is the reaction that follows:

1) "Why my Crunch? Why? I can only hope that they'll do their filming during the middle of the day--or only take footage of a pilates class. Because if MTV thinks that it's going to get anywhere near me when I'm exercising, it's got another thing coming."

2) "The Real World has to get permission from all kinds of places in order to film (bars, restaurants, etc.) and many places is Brooklyn have turned them down. It's simply bad for business. A lot of people in Brooklyn DO NOT want to be seen anywhere near those kids. I will be really annoyed (although not surprised) if the folks at Crunch have given them permission to start filming...Please, please, please don't come to my gym."

3) "Who knows if they'll be back at Crunch. I somewhat inferred from the woman at the desk that this was a one-time thing. But who knows. I suspect that if camera crews regularly show up inside the gym, many members will complain. I certainly will."
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