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Not Letting Architects Grade Own Homework Would Cost $7.5M

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Of all the programs that have drawn the ire of people that keep an eye on development and generated bad (non-crane collapse) headlines, the Department of Buildings Self-Certification program tops the list. Now, a city study says that it would cost only $7.5 million to actually hire people to review and approve building plans rather than letting architects swear that everything is cool with them. The self-certification program was a product of the Giuliani Administration nad has been blamed for everything from zoning violations to major construction issues. The poster boy for problems with the program has been a particular Brooklyn architect. Getting rid of the program would require hiring 50 plan examiners and 19 support staff. Per the Daily News, in FY 2007, the Buildings Department audited 24% of self-certified plans, revoking 21% for violations. DOB is reviewing the report findings and that it's stepped up enforcement in the last year.
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