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Cheyenne Diner Gets a Brief Manhattan Encore

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[Photos: Will Femia]

While the shuttered Cheyenne Diner awaits its move to Red Hook next month (and it truly pains us to type those words), the old diner at Ninth Avenue and 33rd Street probably caused a bit of confusion yesterday when its neon sign flickered on once again, and crowds gathered outside. A tipster explains:

Filming for An Englishman in New York has resurrected the Cheyenne Diner. The neon signs were back on, even a cook (actor?) wearing an apron at the side door. They have 80's model cars with 80's license plates from NJ and NY parked out in front. Lots of PA's etc milling about. And cameras. Lots of cameras.
Actor or not, if he can just turn on the gas and cook up some of those old Cheyenne bison burgers, we'll forget about all this Red Hook nonsense.
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