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Donatella vs. Rem: The Battle for the $50 Million Penthouse

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We've already called the landmark Clock Tower on Madison Square Park?whose condos and spaces will be designed by Versace?the new 15 Central Park West, and now the hotly-anticipated condo conversion has its very own Plaza-like rival: starchitect Rem Koolhaas's secretive 22 East 23rd Street. Yes, their proximity makes them competitors, but it's the planned outrageous pricing of both that gives us 15 CPW vs. Plaza vibes. In a Post feature on how Madison Square Park is the new Central Park West (but with better burgers), Katherine Dykstra reports that the penthouses of both building will be priced around $50 million. This means two things: 1) The still-available $45 million penthouse at Koolhaas brother building One Madison Park is now chopped liver, and, 2) We're in for a showdown, market conditions be damned!

Dykstra also reports some new details on the 55-unit conversion of the Clock Tower, including that there will be a restaurant and club, a Turkish steam bath (or hammam if you prefer) and the Donatella-desiged six-floor penthouse will have a glass elevator. But since Al Pacino's Scarface is a fictional character, who's going to buy that thing? According to developer Rotem Rosen, either a Russian or a top celebrity. And speaking of Rosen, the quote machine is back at it, addressing the Madison Square Park vs. Central Park West topic. Kaboom:

[Madison Square Park] will surpass Central Park West," Rosen insists. "When you're buying $6,000 and $7,000 [per square foot] uptown, I don't see an upside with respect to resale, but in the Clock Tower, when you're talking about the prices right now, I think there is a place for doubling."You hear that, Koolio? The Clock Tower penthouse is now worth $100 million.
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