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CurbedWire: NYU Students Move Into Gramercy Green, Free Power Outlets Now in Jersey Airport!

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1) Gramercy: It's move-in day at our dear, old friend Gramercy Green(To refresh the memory it was a 21-story condo that attracted foreign buyers, particularly the Irish, but then was sold to NYU for student housing, therein screwing the original buyers. Some of whom found out when they went to check on in the condos they'd purchased.) The tipster who sent the pic of the line up of the SUVs out front wrote: "Gramercy Green move ins and it aint the Irish it's NYUnichs." NYU has thoughtfully purchased blinds for all the windows, however. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Newark Airport: It's hard not to get excited about the release from the Port Authority telling the world that, as of Monday, there will be free outlets...err...power poles at Newark Airport. There is even going to be a "demonstration and photo opportunity" next to the Terminal B Food Court! That's right, friends, there will be poles you can stand at and plug in electronic devices for free. Hey, it doesn't take that long to charge iPhone, does it? [CurbedWire Inbox]