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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: That's a Wrap!

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Location: 88 Greenwich Street
Asking: $5,150,000

We became somewhat obsessed with this penthouse's wraparound terrace yesterday, not realizing that 88 Greenwich Street, now known as Greenwich Club Residences, was once home to Curbed photog extraordinaire Will Femia. He moved when the building was converted to condos in 2006, but The Femster was nice enough to share this photo of the new library, as seen from the side entrance off Rector Street. Things sure have changed down in the FiDi, but apparently not enough! Almost all PriceSpotter contestants went low with their guesses, except for one suspiciously dead-on estimate that got rounded down a to the correct price "because of the expected total and utter collapse of Manhattan real estate." Yikes, and they call us Debbie Downers.
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Greenwich Club Residences

80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10006