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Roosevelt Island Screeches to a Halt as Celebrity Pays Visit

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When is a celebrity sighting not just a celebrity sighting? When it happens on Roosevelt Island, a small island of ruins and hospitals somewhere off the coast of Manhattan. Roosevelt Islander reports:

What was Andy Garcia doing on Roosevelt Island? Was he searching for a place to live here on Roosevelt Island? Have celebrities decided to shun the glitz, glamour and glory of an apartment in Manhattan or the trendiness of Brownstone Brooklyn and begun to consider the charms of a Roosevelt Island waterfront condo?Um, no. Turns out he was just filming a movie, but based on the other pictures RI posted, we're not so sure that's not just an Andy Garcia wax sculpture.
· Why Was Andy Garcia On Roosevelt Island Last Night? Shooting A Movie Or Looking For An Apartment In This Truman Show-esque Little Toy Town [RI]